Why Reselling Social Media Benefits Your Brand


It is no secret that in an age where everything is digital, the Internet has become king. More and more companies are executing online marketing strategies, including search engine optimization techniques, hosting, and social media campaigns. While most of us have experience with social media on a personal level, there are also several advantages deciding to resell social media, and utilizing it as a proactive business tool.

First, social media helps you to gain traffic to your website. Nine out of ten adults who are online use social media extensively. Social media draws visitors to your site in a different way than SEO or search marketing does. Social media is typically a more practical draw to your site than a standard landing page does, because it has more engaging qualities. For instance, you can draw readers to your website through engaging blog articles or white papers, which are of more relevance and interest to your customers than chunks of text about your company history.

Social media also allows you to interact and form bonds with your customers. Customers can respond to blog posts, and engage in discussions with you and each other, which will ultimately promote your business. You can share photos and videos about what your business has been up to, such as new products you are working on, awards you are receiving, events you are holding, etc. On average, companies respond to only about 30 percent of their social media fans’ or followers’ feedback, which is not nearly enough. By increasing this percentage, you allow customers to interact with you and your business on a more personal level.

If you are unsure if you have time or the know how to execute a strategy, why not resell social media? If you decide to resell social media to a third party company, they can help you to effectively execute a social media campaign, leaving you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Social media is not just for college kids. There are several great advantages to help your business disseminate its brand and to interact with your consumers. Deciding to resell social media does not need to be expensive, and can be customizable to your needs as a business.

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